Willowdale Park


Play Area: Willowdale Regional Park

Where: Leppington, NSW

Client: Stockland

Playspace Design: Fiona Robbé Landscape Architects

Installed: 2016

Timber Elements: Bespoke timber items including;

Sculptural leaf maze,
Leaf themed children’s log play area,
Cubby cube,
Flying fox and hill shelter,
Timber slalom posts,
Natural feature log playground

Surfacing: Playground sand

Willowdale Regional Park is a new playground for a new community, in a new residential area built by Stockland.

The timber used in the park was from trees grown on site that had to be removed. Timber Creations rescued the timbers and stored them onsite until the landscape was prepared, then used them to create sculptures, play equipment, shelters, seating and gathering areas.

The park was opened in November of 2016, and over 1000 people attended the official opening party! The park is eye-catching, and already receiving fantastic feedback.