We are creators of unique timber elements who work with the natural beauty of the wood. We collect pieces of discarded timber and condemned trees and transform them into exceptional, striking art pieces – brimming with play value.

Our elements are individually built by highly skilled artists and craftsmen. Each piece is fashioned carefully and personally to ensure exceptional beauty and quality.

Our craftsmen have many years of experience working with timber and have a wide range of talents in the field.

 From Concept To Creation

We’ve got your signature playspace sorted

We’ll guide you through the process of creating a completely unique playground that will make your space the local destination for children and adults alike.
Whether you are looking for a single iconic structure to draw the eye, or a sweeping playspace with varied elements to explore, Timber Creations can help you create a playground that truly belongs – exclusively to your area.

We can help design a playground that connects with the community, by incorporating native flora and fauna, a local story, or even bringing in a new story that local residents will remember forever! The possibilities are endless – but Timber Creations can be there every step of the way!

Sculptural Leaves

Willowdale Regional Park’s Iconic Leaf Sculptures

Keilor Downs’ Signature ‘Raven’s Nest’ Climber

Lizard Log Park’s Namesake Play Sculpture

Design & Planning

We work within your requirements to create unique playspaces!

We love creating new specialty designs to for the individual client.

All of our timber creations are custom designed to suit your needs. We are committed to delivering a unique product, and offer full designs and redesigns as well as advice on your own design.

We can also work together with you to achieve a special design that accommodate your individual needs.
We provide concept drawings and detailed sketches with measurements.

Architects – Our products are excellent for placement in many different landscapes. We are experienced with working with architects and are happy to combine our talents with those of other experts.
We have worked closely with many leading architects and award winning playground experts.

Site Plans & Fall-zones

We provide you with a detailed plan, so you can see how it fits!

We can create site plans which will show the location of the equipment, as well as the fallzones that will be required, so that we know everything fits! For the client, nothing comes as a nasty surprise, because they know where all the elements will go, and nothing gets in the way of any other features in the area.

Pre-certification of designs

We can have our new designs checked by the safety experts.

Unique and natural play equipment and all the benefits they bring don’t have to come at the expense of the security of a standardised play item.

Get the best of both worlds by having a completely new and unique play piece that has been pre-certified. We get playground certifiers to check our new designs and make sure they are approved, so you can proceed with confidence!

Engineering & Safety

Our play structures and equipment are engineered for safety.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, we know what works. We ensure that our play structures meet safety requirements and are engineered to stay strong for the duration of the playground!

Certified Soft-fall

We can do it all, down to the surfacing and retaining.

We include playground certified natural softfall that is retained by our log and sandstone walls.
These retaining walls are part of the play experience, providing uses for balancing, climbing and sitting as well!


A warranty certificate is provided for customers… just in case.

Our creations are high durability, and we provide a 5 year warranty with an agreed maintenance schedule. If there are any problems after the items have been installed, the Timber Creations team can sort it out!


We offer personal delivery to Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and selected areas. We will endeavour to organise delivery to other areas wherever possible. For further information on deliveries and installations, contact Andrew Smith via email at


We offer full professional installation to the Australian Standards (AS4685) for all our work.

We prefer to install all our own products, but will offer support for people who wish to install the elements themselves.


We provide full service for our products. We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze maintenance arrangements.

We will plan and provide a recommended maintenance schedule at the time of sale. We will also offer support for persons wishing to do their own maintenance.

For further information on any of our services contact our office on 02 4372 1170 or send us an email to and we will be happy to answer any queries.