Process – Building a beautiful timber creature

Why are our timber creatures so visually appealing?

What many people don’t realise is that the team at Timber Creations spend a lot of time looking at timber.
… Well, that might seem obvious actually, but I mean before we even think about the building part!

The right piece for the right project can be hard to find. Amongst all the durable recycled timber we collect from discarded trees, each piece has a unique shape, pattern and texture.
The artists at Timber Creations consider these unique features of every piece, until the vision becomes clear.


This is what gives Timber Creations our unique aesthetic appeal – a huge amount of time and effort goes into simply selecting the right piece of timber, so that the final creation is a cohesive, stunningly original artwork.
Once the timber has been selected, the artists take note of all the distinctive elements and imperfections that make the timber perfect for the sculpture, and use them as features in the work, to create an organic, natural and visually appealing piece that appeals to our biological senses.
The result is an exquisitely unique creature, just brimming with its own character – looking like it was biologically grown from a child’s imagination!

You won’t get that from a manufacturing assembly line!